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The development of skills and acquisition of knowledge in high school years can provide a powerful opportunity to help students progress to higher levels of learning. Through AP courses, students who want to achieve at the highest level can earn advanced placement and university credits.

At Marymount Academy, Pre-AP courses are the pathway for students interested in taking an AP course at the senior level and ultimately, prepare students to successfully pass the approved College Board exam. AP courses engage students to pursue a subject area in a more in depth and meaningful manner. Since the students will have already completed first year university level course material, studentsí chances of acceptance at colleges and universities are increased.

Admission and Requirements:

Students will be given the opportunity to apply for admission into the Marymount AP program courses. Classes are limited in number and in size, therefore students admitted into the AP program will be chosen amongst those who applied by the AP faculty committee based on their academic performance, learning skills and attendance. These students will then have the opportunity to participate in the AP program by taking Pre-AP and AP courses. The AP faculty committee will review and reevaluate each studentís performance and ability to continue in the program annually.

As spaces are limited, students who do not attend their AP classes regularly and/or complete assignments promptly and/or maintain an 80% average in the subject area, will be removed from the AP course. Their spot will then be offered to another student.

Assessment and Evaluation:

A studentís course evaluation (on her Ontario Report Card) will reflect the Ontario Curriculum Expectations for that grade level. Each student will receive a separate evaluation report on her achievement in the overall Pre-AP/AP course.


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