Major Stages of Research

No building is more important to a community than a library. Within its
walls is an equality of ideas, endless paths of possibility, and the history
of the world.     - Mark Maynard, Author

Stage I: Preparing for Research

  • Step 1 : Define (What is your assignment)
  • Step 2 : Explore (Topics for research)
  • Step 3 : Identify (Brainstorm for ideas)
  • Step 4: Relate (Build an outline with keywords)

Stage II: Finding Resources    

  • Step 1: Locate (Where will you get info)
  • Step 2: Select (Choose most apt sources)
  • Step 3: Gather (Track and rate best sources)
  • Step 4: Collaborate (With other students, share info)

Stage III: Processing Information

  • Step 1 : Analyse/Evaluate (Use critical thinking process)
  • Step 2: Test (Make sure ideas are adjustable)
  • Step 3: Sort (Use sources and own ideas)
  • Step 4 : Synthesize (Consult others for opinions)

Stage IV: Transferring Information

  • Step 1: Revise (Revise work if needed) 
  • Step 2: Present (Make sure to have all necessary
    items for presentation)
  • Step 3: Reflect (Think about strengths, talents
    and use them to present)
  • Step 4 : Transfer (Communicate what you have
    learned to those who are reading/watching  your presentation/work)