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Ontario's Ministry of Education sets out graduate requirements for all Ontario students. †View Ontario Graduate Requirements...

All students must complete a minimum of 40 hours of unpaid community involvement activities before graduating from secondary school. This requirement is in addition to the 30 credits needed for a secondary school diploma. Students will be able to choose their own community involvement activities, within guidelines that will be provided by the school. Students will be responsible for fulfilling this requirement on their own time, keeping a record of their activities on a form supplied by the school, and submitting the form to the main office. For instance, an ideal activity would be donating time to a non-profit agency or charitable organization. It is important to note that in accordance with the Ministry of Education, an ineligible activity is an activity that:

- is a requirement of a class or course in which the student is enrolled;
- takes place during the school day (however, an activity that takes place during a
studentís lunch break or study period is permissible);
- would normally be performed for wages by a person in the workplace;
- does not take place at a parentís business or place of work;
- consists of duties normally performed in the studentís home (i.e. daily chores, etc.)

Students are encouraged to check with the guidance counselor before completing any community service hours to be sure that they meet the requirements.

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Students must successfully complete the provincially mandated EQAO Literacy component. Learn more...


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