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Sisters in Spirit (S.I.S.) is a mentorship program designed to give our junior students from grades 7 to 9 a smooth and comfortable transition into the Academy. Each new junior student is assigned a senior student to act as her own “Big Sister” within the school. Throughout the school year, the Sisters meet each other for lunch, participate in Spirit Week activities, and so much more. They also make ‘mailboxes’ that they use to send each other notes and stay in touch. If the junior student has any questions or concerns about the sports, clubs, events, or the school, she can go to her Big Sister for answers. At the beginning of the year in particular, special meeting times are set aside for gatherings to help foster the relationship between Big Sisters and Little Sisters.

The Sisters in Spirit program is unique to Marymount Academy. Little and Big Sisters often form friendships that last well beyond their years at Marymount.

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