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* Please note that this list may combine current and previous school year staff until the first or second week of September. If clarification is required please contact the school.
Aaron Barry Principal
Monika Jost Vice Principal
Patrizia Shewring Office Supervisor
Kayla Rewega Secretary
Cathy Fairgrieve Art Grade 12
Cathy Fairgrieve Art Grade 9
Cara Whalen Bus. Grade 10
Harry Taskinen Bus. Grade 12
Sandra Burch English Grade 10
Sandra Hayden English Grade 12
Kelly Orasi-Leach English Grade 12
Allison Watters English Grade 12
Sandra Hayden English Grade 9
Allison Watters English Grade 9
Lynn Massimiliano Guidance Gr. 10
Robert Van Mierlo Health Grade 11
Robert Van Mierlo Health Grade 12
John Beaton Math Grade 10
Jolanta Tourville Math Grade 10
John Beaton Math Grade 11
Jolanta Tourville Math Grade 11
John Beaton Math Grade 12
Jolanta Tourville Math Grade 9
Brittany Goldsborough Music Grade 10
Brittany Goldsborough Music Grade 12
Sandra Burch Religion Gr. 10
Harry Taskinen Religion Grade 9
Kelly Orasi-Leach Resource
Christopher Mullin Science Grade 10
Christopher Mullin Science Grade 11
Jason Weiler Science Grade 11
Cara Whalen Science Grade 11
Cara Whalen Science Grade 12
Jason Weiler Science Grade 9
Christopher Mullin Soc. Sci. Gr 10
Brittany Goldsborough Soc. Sci. Gr 11
Daniel Bartolucci Soc. Sci. Gr 12
Daniel Bartolucci Soc. Sci. Gr 9
Lyndon Baxter Technology Gr 11
Tracey Adams French Grade 10
Christine Massimiliano French Grade 10
Christine Massimiliano French Grade 11
Christine Massimiliano French Grade 12
Tracey Adams Religion Grade 9
Tracey Adams Soc. Sci. Gr 10
Denis Ethier Assistant Custodian
David Butchart Cleaner
Lucie St-Louis Cleaner
Louise Crowe Lunch Room Supervisor
Linda Stasiuk Lunch Room Supervisor
Gerald Brunette Building Service
Jennifer Chapman CYW
Jennifer Geddes Chaplain
Jennifer Kolppanen Library(Sec)

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