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Student Admistrative Council (SAC)

The Student Administrative Council, or SAC for short, is one of the three main councils at Marymount Academy. We make it our personal goal to ensure that every Regal has the most enriching educational experience. By focusing on exciting and sociable events, we work to make sure that everyone at our school has an opportunity to have fun and meet new people from all different areas of the school.

Our council has a blast planning all of our events, including the creative obstacle course on Superhero Day and the unforgettable fashion show on Glamour Day. We eagerly begin planning for Octoberfest and the Twelve Days of Christmas later in the year, and we hope that we can help every Regal enjoy their Marymount experience that much more! We encourage all students to participate in every event planned by each of the councils, and the more into it you get, the better!

Marymount is all about being you and having fun while doing it, so donít be shy to have fun and let your spirit show! Questions about any of our events or the council itself can be answered by this yearís president Jessica Pugliese or vice-president Kennedy Bardell. On behalf of the entire council have a great
and fun-filled year!


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